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I have been making impossible pies, both savoury and sweet since I first came across them in the 70s. They appear to have had a resurgence of interest recently. The main difference is the egg whites are now separated, whipped separately and folded in to the well mixed yolk mix which creates a much softer  Full Article…



This is so easy and actually tastes of the fruit – no need to worry about what % of fruit is in the cordial. You know and can taste it. Home made cordial is quite trendy at the moment, it is very easy and is a great use for excess citrus fruit. Ingredients Method Bring  Full Article…


CITRUS BUTTERS – lemon / lime / tangelo

We grow lots of different types of citrus trees, partly because they grow easily, have few bugs and are easy to manage and partly because I just love fresh citrus straight from the tree. You do not get mandarines or tangelos or indeed any citrus from shops that have that tang that comes from a  Full Article…