This is a really interesting punch – made with quite weak jelly, fruit juices and water, frozen overnight and then slightly defrosted and munched up and added to a sparkling drink such as ginger beer, ginger ale or lemon squash or for a more adult version it goes really well in sparkling wines (champagne). You get a slushy like mix that you wouldn’t know it had any jelly in it but stays cold without getting watery. I just make up a couple of batches and divide it among plastic yoghurt buckets and freeze. For my beverage dispenser I move 2 buckets from the freezer to the fridge 4 hours before the first guests are to arrive. When they arrive I put the mix into the dispenser and serve a welcoming drink as a champagne cocktail for the adults and add the fizzy drink for the kids.

Later I just add the soft drink to the dispenser for a non alcoholic drink. As each bucket is added another one can be removed from the freezer to begin defrosting and the mix topped up with soft drink.

Slushy punch

Slushy punch with re-hydrated dried lemons

Slushy Punch


Ingredients for slushy punch

Ingredients for slushy punch – for 2 litre container

I use a 2 litre yoghurt bucket to make each batch up and then store in the freezer.

  • 1 pack of jelly (strawberry, orange, passionfruit)
  • 1 litre pack juice (pineapple juice, mango and pineapple??)
  • juice of 1 fresh lemon or lime or some cordial
  • boiling water to dissolve jelly
  • icing sugar to taste – depending on sweetness of cordial or jelly
  • enough water to top up container to 2 cm from the top


Put jelly into yoghurt container and stir in enough boiling water to completely dissolve it, usually about 1 cup, add juice, cordial and about 1/2 cup of icing sugar to sweeten then top up with very cold water. Put the container in the freezer and remove to defrost just before needing.

Add mixture to jug or bowl, mush up with a potato masher and add an equal quantity of soft drink to serve.

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