Well we’ve finally done it. We have set up a company to design and develop educational kids games. Parrotfish Studios has been born!

Ever since forever I have been going to write/create something educational. I have so many filing cabinets full of teaching resources that I can’t bear to throw out, yet I know I will never use again that I can now put to some use.

If our first game, Parrotfish Sight Words, sells a reasonable number of copies we will continue to develop more programs that are aimed at teaching kids through games. I can then utilise / copy / scan all of my teaching resources, link them as resources on the web site and then throw away the originals and free up some space in my life.

Our website is up and looking good – thanks to one of my very talented sons.

We launched our sight words reading app on the Android Play store today, thanks to my other very talented son, who did all of the programming and contributed heaps to the game design.

Parrotfish Studios sight Words Icon

Parrotfish Studios sight Words Icon

Search for “Sight words games – parrotfish” in the Google Play Store

It hasn’t been put up on the IOS store yet, that is a real complication. So far we have had to buy a Mac computer, register a company, get a DUNS number, and now they want an ABN number. And after jumping through all these hurdles it has to be “approved” by Apple which can take months.

Update – it should be up on the Apple store in a couple of days.

I have been up to the local school and they are going to trial it for me on their i-pads. We can give them some vouchers for the download.


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