Mango & Watermelon Salsa

melon, rocket chilli salsa

Fantastic with ham, prawns – anything that needs a salad as a side. This has a taste of its own. Usually I don’t use quantities. I just add what looks right and what is in the fridge and adjust to taste, however I made this salad today and noted the quantities.



  • 2 tomatoes (or grape tomatoes)
  • 2 lebanese cucumbers
  • 2 small red onions
  • about 1/4 rock melon and 1/8 watermelon, or Mango (equal quantities of each to the tomato)
  • 1 red capsicum
  • 1 chilli finely chopped
  • grated palm sugar,
  • coriander,
  • mint,
  • salt & pepper
  • bunch of rocket or other greens
  • lemon juice to taste


Chop to equal sized pieces, mix together and let the flavours blend.
Before serving adjust the salt & pepper and lemon juice to taste.

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