Coated cones with chocolate and crushed candy canes

Coated cones with chocolate and crushed candy canes

Cones stuffed with lolly cake

Cones stuffed with lolly cake

This was designed as desert for the kids at Christmas – mainly because of the alcohol and the nuts in the adult ice cream desert.

For kids it not only has to taste good but look amazing, and if you have the adults wanting to try the kids desert then you have achieved something.



  • Mini waffle ice cream cones (one per kid plus extras for the ones that get broken and some for the extras that always turn up)
  • Lolly cake mix – half quantity and with lollies chopped up more finely than usual
  • Candy canes – crushed
  • Melted chocolate – if serving with ice cream use the chocolate coating recipe , it remains quite workable and can be painted on – white, milk or dark


Make lolly cake mix, half quantity will be plenty. It is also better to cut the lolly pieces smaller than usual so it can be more easily pushed into the cones.

Carefully push the mixture into the cones so it is level with the top. Push in a candy cane so it looks like an umbrella. This can then be used as a handle. Freeze until ready to coat with chocolate.

Coat each cone generously with chocolate and then roll in the crushed candy canes. Store in an air tight container in the freezer.

Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on each plate and decorate with 3 jaffas and 2 mint leaves and sprinkle with silver glitter. Serve the cone lying next to the ice cream.


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