Yellow pepper soupIMG_20170729_093436-01Egg hopperFB_IMG_1499862016333-01Soaking NutsIMG_20170712_215413-01-01IMG_20170603_185411-02Lemon cakeimg_20161222_173652-01One of the ways to eat chia for breakfast Pickled BeetrootOffice Lens 20160826-215944weetbix sliceThe smoker doing its thingIMG_20151231_174348rhubarb picklesDrained ricotta  -  push down well into shaped container Chopped honey comb bars in vanilla ice cream with hard crack toppingThey look pale and like cardboard but when you need a cracker to dip in that carrkt hummus then these work. angel food cakePickled lemonsCarrot and pinepple sourdough muffins3 loaves and my grandmother's knifeAll together and drying out and thickeningLayered Greek Dip - any ingredients and tastes better the next day - if there is any left overSpice mixes are so easy to have prepared.Pumpkin Soup - one version - it's often all about what is put on the topChristmas cakeSo easy to make and much cheaper than the bought stuffDate & Cocoa squaresCloudy but tasty - don't include the pith if you want clear marmaladeJust uncovered - to be recovered and left to cool on the benchChilli-crabThe easy way to add herbs - tie the thyme into a knot - later just remove the stemHanging pasta on cupboard door to dryCorn, ham and cheese muffin - so goodCrispy sweet potato chipsDollop of mayonnaise