Growing Radish

This was something that all the gardening programs showed being planted. They were praised for their quick turn around time but no-one mentioned what to do with them once grown. I had space between the rows in the garlic and onion bed and some radish seeds so decided to give it a go.

When it came time to start harvesting I then pondered what should be done with them. I tried eating them straight from the garden and offered a taste to everyone here. No-one was excited by them. Then searching on Google I found a Radish Raita recipe. This tastes a bit like (not really) horseradish, or is a substitute for it on steak and other meats. A bowl usually gets eaten in one sitting as an accompaniment.

We have also discovered that radish goes in almost anything – coleslaw, beetroot salad even tabbouleh.

2011 – This season I have just planted Radish French Breakfast and Radish Scarlet Globe. The Scarlet Globe has produced beautiful, plump bulbs in no time. The French Breakfast is still thinking about swelling although there is pleanty of leaf growth.

2012 РI planted daikon and radish french breakfast in early  August and began using the French Breakfast within six weeks. The Daikon are growing prolifically and we are using the tops in any salads that I would use spinach or silver-beet, this would usually be a hot dressing or a creamy one.

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