These are so much quicker and easier than standard chocolate crackles, taste better and look great.



  • 3 cups coco pops
  • 1 pack of good quality milk cooking chocolate (approx 200g)
  • 1 small bar of white chocolate (Milky bar)
  • 1 pack of M & Ms of the variety desired


Put small paper cases into a mini patty pan tin – about 24 hole

Put the coco-pops into a bowl. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt on low in the microwave.

When just melted stir the chocolate into the coco-pops and stir.

Fill the paper cases – not too mounded in the centre as the white chocolate needs to sit in the middle.

Put into the fridge or freezer to cool.

When cool sort the M&Ms or Smarties into piles of the desired colours (you get to eat the rest) & melt the white chocolate in a coffee cup in the microwave.

Drizzle a small puddle of white chocolate onto each one and top with a smartie/M&M – red and green for Christmas. Allow to set.

Can be frozen until needed.

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