Asparagus Plants


My second long term project for this year, the other being rhubarb, was planting asparagus crowns. I had tried planting two crowns last year but it was a disaster because I planted Vietnamese mint in the same bed and the Vietnamese mint loved the conditions far more than the asparagus did. When I finally managed to remove all traces of the Vietnamese mint I found one asparagus spear poking its head out of the ground, such an amazing sight that I had to share it with everyone – whether they were interested or not, most didn’t find the sight as compelling and amazing as I did.

Anyway I bought another 4 crowns from an on-line company and they arrived in great condition, not looking like the dried up shrivelled ones that I had bought the previous year from a local nursery (50% survival rate), and they are now in the ground, in their own little bed, nicely mulched, beside my emergent spear that is there to show them what will happen when they grow up.

They are planted in holes that are 20 cm deep and covered with about 5 cm soil. This is supposed to be dragged up as they spears emerge. Mine are in the holes and there is a lot of sugar cane mulch over the top of them. I doubt we will get any soil pulled up around them but they are being watered so hopefully my 5 crowns will get enough asparagus spears for a meal or two next year – we have to let all the spears this year go to fern.


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